Corporate information

Environmental policy

Guiding philosophy

To ensure that all employees work to preserve and improve the local environment, and to position environmental problems as a priority in corporate activity.

Fundamental policy

The company shall implement environmental management in accordance with the below guidelines, through the manufacture of parts for compact and regular-sized automobiles, motorcycles, and general application.
The company shall strive to maintain and improve its environmental management system, resolving critical environmental issues as far as compatible within technical and financial considerations.

Action guidelines

  1. Observe related environmental laws and regulations, and other applicable requirements, and strive to continually improve items with critical environmental impact, and prevent pollution.
  2. Improve regular management of wastewater and chemical substances, strive to prevent adverse environmental impact during emergencies, and implement regular training.
  3. Strive to reduce resource consumption to prevent depletion, and manage waste materials effectively, including disposal, reduction, recovery, and recycling.
  4. Strive to improve plant and production equipment efficiency and minimize energy consumption, helping prevent global warming.
  5. Help protect the environment through environmental beautification activities in cooperation with the local community.
  6. Develop new parts and technologies to further reduce environmental impact.
  7. Maintain and improve the environmental management system and performance through internal audits.
  8. Implement environmental education and internal information dissemination to ensure that all employees understand the environmental policy and improve their awareness of related issues, and require all contracted suppliers to understand and cooperate with our environmental stance.

Environmental targets shall be set for each term, legal and regulatory requirements reviewed, and input requested from environmental personnel involved in environmental issued to review and modify these guidelines as necessary.?
This environmental policy shall be posted on bulletin boards and distributed in the company pocket manual, to ensure that the entire employee body understands it fully.?
This environmental policy may be disclosed upon request.

Established April 1, 2017